About Me

My name is Candace Lee Davis and I am a natural light photographer in Southern Colorado with a passion for capturing life's beautiful moments in creative and unique way.  Since I was a young girl you could always find me with a camera happily snapping away! You can imagine my delight when I received my first digital camera as a gift and no longer had to wait for my film to be developed before I could see the fruit of my labor!

 To this day that happiness still floods my spirit when I have my camera out and am able to get that shot that captures that special moment.

I love to explore the great outdoors and to capture it's beauty in the smallest stalk of grass to the vast mountains that surround. My desire is to capture each moment in such a way that when you look at the images you can't possibly help but smile with joy and maybe even be touched in some small way by the beauty of the moment captured.  

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Tel: 320-224-4665


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